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We are a four-piece band from Flint, Michigan that goes by the name of Lemoncollies. The music we make can be classified as indie rock, but diving deeper in would show you our dreamy-beachy, but at the same time melancholic vibes. Our music has lots of summer tones that can transition to heavy trance-like jams. 

We have recently released our first full length album "GLOOMYBLOOM" on April 7th, and have been playing lots of shows around Michigan and a few around the neighboring states to promote it. We are currently writing and going in studio soon for our next planned release. GLOOMYBLOOM was completely DIY produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered. We took every bit of knowledge we had to put into making this album by ourselves. 

Shea, Justus, and Ethan of Lemoncollies have been playing in a band together for the past 5 years, and it is now something that has changed over time into Lemoncollies. We went through lots of changes, different band names, different band members, but while sticking together, Lemoncollies finally came together with Wyatt joining us. The complete Lemoncollies lineup has been together and been Lemoncollies for a little over a year now. Our first EP "Citrus Scent" was released June 2017, that would establish our upbeat summer sound. 

We have played a number of shows over the past year, and at least 15 in the past three months in promotion of GLOOMYBLOOM. We have recently traveled to play our first out of state shows in Kent, OH and Chicago, IL. We hope to soon be playing many more out of state shows and sharing our music with people everywhere.

Our album "GLOOMYBLOOM" is out now on Spotify, ITunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube.


"Lemoncollies have a youthful and fun sound that’s reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock with experimental indie-surf. The lyricism is super catchy, the guitar transitions from bright melodies to heavy jams, while the percussion sets the pace. It’s just an all-around fun album that is worth a listen for those summer vibes." -Detroit Proud Playlist


"Whilst the music has a commonality of delivery the compositions themselves are each of different construct and influence – ranging through progressive, funk-rock and trippy, to highlight a few." -Tim Whale (Emerging Indie Bands)

GLOOMYBLOOM Album 'Highlights'

Citrus Scent EP 'Highlight'

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All Videos

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